Monday, June 16, 2008
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hello ppl,  noe i super long haven't touch my blog but its not cause i abandon blog, its cos my stupid blogger account acting up, lots of stuff has happened since my last post
1) i went to Macao for couple of days, it was damn fun and lots of things have changed since i've last been there(went there in jan), its amazing how they build casinos so quickly, but its still messy as hell and thats the Macao i've come to know and love.i highly recommend a visit there to anyone who wants to see european architecture in asia, or those who jus want a great place for food. anyone who wants to go there jus gimme a call and i'll be your tour guide
2)spent a few days with friends outside;playing b ball etc.
3)today went to pulau ubin! last time i went there, i was seven, so memories started flooding back the moment i stepped onto the island.first we got bikes to cycle, then cycle a while tricia crashed and got hurt...continued for like 10m then barbara feel into a torn bush and got hurt.we cycle to a dead end then we cycle back and towards the beach, go to the beach we went onto big rocks in the sea(damn fun), everyone kenna scratches and stuff but i got the biggest. today i saw a side to 'big' eyes you rarely see, he was scared of the sea, scared of slugs, moss and stuff like that, like a girl.all in all a fun a fun day at the beach, u wanna noe more go to the others blogs.


music makes you lose control

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

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hey everyone today not very eventful just go band in the afternoon then go visit Mr. big head dead fish and watch him annoy people online if your want the full story on those two very 'fruitful' hours of annoying people, you can go ask Jerluen because i pretty much forgot it. i couldn't sleep so i started listening to music and stringing together rhyming word and ended up with a poem(not really) which i just completed if you guys can come up with a name for it that would be great, thanks

a man and a boy at the park
"stupidity for sale!" a man barked
there they saw a shop
it wrote "stupidity for sale"
five bucks per pop!

stupidity in a jar, what a thing
it'd be like smoking herowine, from a tin
both rushed to the store
what possibilities it bore!

dumber classmates that
make you look smart
dumber colleagues that
make you look the part

both bought them by the dozens
even gave some to their cousins
all were pleased and keen
the boy, the man, the owner
especially the one with the green

but could stupidity
ever exist in a jar?
it exists infinitely
but in a jar?
thats a push too far

so now, why buy stupidity by the pair
when you've already got so much of it
right up there--------------->(supposed to be a picture of a brain but blog got problem)

i know its dumb but i was bored to say the least, don't worry if its too chim to read cause its supposed to be like that, those who understood it, congratulations cause i barely understand it myself. so im open to names for this thing i like to call a brainwave of stupidity and boredom and please don't give me some stupid name or whatever. the person who gives me the best name for it gets a drink on me, okay?

ok i'll end here and since its bout 2 in the morning
good morning everyone
and c ya
lapsi tong tong lao


music makes you lose control

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

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ello' everyone, jus created my new blog. firstly must thank hui min for helping me to make it (actually she did everything) so THANK YOU HUI MIN. so start talking on the cbox and i'll tag you, actually i don't know how to but i'll find out.i lazy post story today so maybe newxt time, so now jus start tagging
 c ya
lapsitongtonglao(nice name rite?:))

music makes you lose control


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